Quality Policy

BERCEO CHEMICALS, S.L. is a distributor and marketer of chemical products that provides its customers with quality products with competent human resources, timely delivery and simplified processes thus achieving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.

Our Quality Policy is based on the following Principles:

– Satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer through product compliance, timely delivery and stock availability.
– Provide all staff and involved parties with all the necessary tools to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in the organization.
– Motivate and train all the staff of the organization in this way seeking understanding, commitment, innovation and creativity in the pursuit of continuous improvement.
– Analyze factors such as resources, procedures and methods taking into account the evaluation of risks, consequences and impact of the activities on customers and interested parties.
– The people in charge of each Process must understand their functions, interdependence between them and responsibilities, to achieve the objectives of the organization in an effective and efficient way.
– Establish measurement and evaluation to lead the system towards the scope of continuous improvement.
-Analyze data and information such as customer claims, profitability in sales. Taking decisions and actions based on the analysis of the facts.
– Select suppliers that have quality products recognized worldwide. Have a clear and open communication about joint actions for development and improvement.

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