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We are sellers, distributors and agents of raw material and additives for several industries within the chemical sector
Our 2.500 square meters warehouse area is prepared for the storage of both ADR and non-ADR products, either in solid or liquid form
Our main customers are industries producing coatings (paints, varnishes and inks) as well as rubber and plastic compounders
Company Values
We offer more than 40 years of expertise in chemical sector together with a close and direct contact with our customers
Who we are
Berceo Chemicals is a family owned company. Our main activity is the major commerce of chemical products with headquarter office and warehouse located in La Rioja province, North of Spain.

Four decades of experience

Our company was founded in 1978 in Logroño (La Rioja) as Comercial Química Riojana with the purpose of supplying chemical raw materials for shoe sole manufacturers located in the North of Spain. As years went by, our range of products grew as well as target sectors in Spanish market.

Development brought increased portfolio including resins and isocyanates for coatings sector together with pigments, mineral fillers… Also other additives were included for already active areas such as rubber compounders and for new ones as paper, detergency…  Cooperation begun with new principals in Spain and Europe while customers were supplied in the whole Iberian Peninsula.


6000 m² of new facilities

Due to business growth, we built and moved to our new facilities in El Sequero Industrial Area towards the end of 90’s. We also adapted our warehouses for being compliant with APQ –Chemical Storage Regulations– in order to contain different chemical products in designated areas. At the same time company name is changed to current BERCEO CHEMICALS, asserting both our origins as well as our international business prospective.

Nowadays BERCEO commercializes chemical products manufactured all around the world. We import raw materials from outside European Union (USA, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, India…) as well as inside Europe (Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany. Croatia, Switzerland…) distributing them in Spain, surrounding countries and also in South America.

Mission, vision and values

We offer customized and quality services

Our mission as a company is to supply our customers high quality raw materials, in accordance with their technical and logistic needs. This way they will be able to develop their productive activity, fulfiling at the same time expectations and requirements from their customers.

Furthermore BERCEO CHEMICALS offers technical assistance in either internal or external way, in order to optimise the usage of these products. For its accomplishment, we apply our business Vision, consisting in a close and quality contact both with our customers and suppliers. Based on a fluent and transparent communication we encourage all the parties involved to propose and perform the most adequate solution to each supply situation.

Berceo Chemicals, S.L. is a member of the National Rubber Industries Consortium (click to access NRIC site)
Berceo Chemicals S.L.
is a member of the Rioja Federation of Enterpreneurs (click to access to RFE website)
Berceo Chemicals S.L. works under the standard ISO 9001:2015 since April 2012 (click to view certificates)
Our products
We offer raw materials and additives for all the productive stages involved in the manufacturing of coatings, rubber compound and plastic transformation
Berceo Chemicals S.L.
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